Introducing Natalia Moore, founder of Amor Lash Pro…

Welcome to my website – a one-stop-shop for everything you need to create the most stunning lashes.

My mission is to help lash artists with their vision for success and help them to reach their goal by giving them the right tools to succeed.

Here you’ll find the finest quality products which every lash artist will want in their lash kit, as well as training courses and masterclasses for beginners and professionals.

I launched Amor Lash Pro in January 2018 after building a career as a successful lash technician and running my own salon for seven years.

During this time, I became passionate about finding the best lash products on the market. I tried and tested A LOT of the big brands but found that there was room for improvement, so I set out to find my own.

One of the biggest challenges is sourcing products that are ‘great’ and are safe and comply with EU regulations. Anyone can find lash stockists online, but what people don’t realise is, the quality is poor or they are unsafe. I had to know they were coming from an ethical factory, using the finest fibres and safe adhesives.

Sending them off for product testing and trialling them on my clients was a slow process – it took me 18 months in total before I was happy to place the lash products on the market.

During this time, I was also in college studying to get my level 4 certificate education qualification to be a qualified teacher.

Plus, I was also experiencing a very tough pregnancy where I was in and out of hospital whilst also moving my salon to a larger premises and managing a big team of women in my salon!

We suffered some sadness as my mum was diagnosed with cancer, probably the hardest thing we have all faced, but we’ve had great support and I can’t thank my family and friends and my partner Jay for all the support I have received over the last 18 months. It’s been a difficult time but also exciting. These difficulties have made me more determined to achieve my goals.

A lot of determination, passion and late nights have gone into building the brand and bringing my vision to life.

My plan is to build recognition of the Amor Lash Pro brand with a fantastic team of ambassadors and create a network of Amor Lash Pro educators in every city of the UK and Europe offering my personalised foundation accredited courses and masterclasses.

Personal growth and empowerment is part of my core mission and I will work tirelessly until I am recognised as a world class master lash artist.

My aspirations sometimes feel huge and take my breath away, but I tell myself, no dream is too big, I will climb this mountain.

If I could give my younger self some advice on becoming an entrepreneur, it would be to accept there will be good, hard and challenging times, but always keep your goal in sight.

It is super important to make time for self-care, something I have learned along the way after burning myself out a few times. Looking after ourselves mentally and physically should be one of our top priorities.

Most of all be passionate, positive and love what you do, this will show in your work. Visualise your future goal every day, feel it as if you are already there and the universe will bring the opportunities to you!

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