Bundle of Lash cleansing brushes – packs of 10

Eyelash cleaning brush

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This super soft gentle lash brush is made from the finest fibres which thoroughly cleanses the eye area and lash line. These fibres are strong enough to get in between the lashes and remove dirt and oils which can reduce eyelash extension retention. Each brush comes sealed. The lash cleaning brush should be used one per client, a great idea is to give to them after treatment to take home and maintain correct aftercare and eye hygiene, then come back for a top-up appointment with the brush. Use with our lash foam Cleanser to gain maximum preparation results. Apply 1-2 pumps per eye and gently brush down the lashes, then side to side. Tilt the head to the side and rinse with a saline solution to remove traces of foam Cleanser from the eyelashes. Pat dry . Your Client will now have squeaky clean eyelashes. Wash in soapy water, no harsh chemicals.

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We all want our clients to keep their lashes squeaky clean and maintain good eye hygiene , and the best way to encourage this is to retail lash cleansing brushes .

The super soft , fine bristles will easily get in between the Natural eyelashes and extensions and gently clean the lash line removing any build up of dirt and dead skin cells.


Purchase the bundle of 10 brushes to retail to your clients or include them with a treatment .

‘Professional products created by eyelash professionals ‘





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